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Zenaissance is about you and your home. Sondra believes a home is more than a roof with walls; it's an expression of you, a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Sondra's mission is to help you create your haven by restoring beauty and balance to your home, applying the principles of Interior Decorating and Feng Shui.

One day Sondra had an epiphany … everything is energy! Her belief is supported by quantum physics and honoured in Feng Shui. A graduate of Mount Royal University in BTB Feng Shui, she continues to attend workshops on an ongoing basis to acquire new knowledge and skills, enhancing her ability to serve you. Sondra is also passionate about Interior Decorating! From her childhood days of imagining “rooms” with Sears catalogue cut-outs, to the renos and builds that she has worked over the years, she loves creating functional, beautiful spaces.

Let her restore energetic and aesthetic balance to your home, with service and integrity in mind.