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Stylish Spaces is your source for Interior Design and Feng Shui services in your home or commercial space.  Inspired by the art and soul of design, Stylish Spaces creates an environment where the colours, elements, furnishings, fabrics, and art have meaning to you.  Arouse your most positive feelings and absolutely love your space - this is how you will feel when there is balanced energy in your environment.

Shelley Heath is a certified Interior Designer from NAIT with over 18 years of experience in various capacities of the design process.  A Certified Dowsing Practitioner, Shelley incorporates the BTB Feng Shui principles and practices she's been taught through Mount Royal College and Energy Mountain Zone Feng Shui within her design style to suit her clients’ needs and tastes.

“Shelley listens and is patient with the process because she is here to teach you and learn from you.  Her ability to read both verbal and nonverbal communication and translate into what you want seems effortless.  Her love and use of colours, textures, and art will inspire you to FEEL good about your choices and LOVE what you are creating together.”

Let Stylish Spaces create a balanced place for you to enjoy!